Strawberry Parfait Recipe

Strawberry Parfait Recipe

A healthy and refreshing parfait recipe that will help your body cool off on a hot summer day. A delicious combination of yogurt and strawberry syrup, packed with the benefits of muesli. Sprinkle honey and maple syrup on top. Prepared in just 10 minutes, this breakfast can be your easy on-the-go breakfast. Pack it in a mason jar and you can also enjoy it as a midday meal to refresh the body.

Strawberry parfait ingredients

  • 50 g muesli
  • 50 g of curd
  • 30g strawberry puree
  • 20 g of honey
  • 10 g of maple syrup

How to make a strawberry parfait

1. In a glass, first lay out a layer of muesli, then mashed strawberries and then curd.
2. Garnish with honey and maple syrup.

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