Sesame Seed (Til) and Khoya laddu


Sesame seeds are wealthy in minerals, protein, vitamins and antioxidants. They are typically delivered to positive meals to offer a nutty taste and crunchy texture. Sesame seeds also are used as an element in soap, cosmetics, lubricants, and medicines.


  • 2 cups khoya
  • 1&half cups of coarsely powdered roasted sesame seeds (til)
  • Powdered sugar to taste
  • Kesar, chopped almonds and pistas for decoration


1. Roast the khoya on low flame until it’s miles very mild golden yellow color. Let is cool for few mins.
2. Then upload coarsely powdered roasted sesame seeds and blend it. Add powdered sugar whilst the above combination is luke warm.
3. Mix nicely and form into small balls. If the combination is just too warm then the sugar will soften so care must be taken that combination ought to now no longer be warm.
4. Arrange in a plate and enhance with kesar, chopped almonds and pistas.


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