Lamb And Grilled Pepper Soup Recipe

Lamb And Grilled Pepper Soup Recipe

On a cold winter evening, nothing beats a bowl of fresh, hot soup. This soup is exactly what is needed this season. Filled with the goodness of lamb bones, spices and grilled peppers, serve it right before dinner.

Ingredients for roasted lamb and pepper soup

  • 750 g lamb bones (preferably shank and shoulder)
  • 150 g onions
  • 150 g of celery
  • 25 g of ginger
  • 25 g of garlic
  • 40 g carrot
  • 3 nos roasted red / yellow / green peppers (cut into quarters)
  • 60 g of whole spice blend (black pepper, cinnamon, cardamom, cloves, bay leaf)
  • 20 g of salt
  • 1 liter of water (lukewarm)
  • 60 ml of oil (sunflower or olive

How to make roasted lamb and pepper soup

1. Add the oil to a pot and sauté the onion, ginger and garlic over medium heat for a few minutes.
2. Add the whole spices, celery and carrots and grilled peppers with the lamb bones. Increase the heat and stir for a while until the bones are golden brown.
3. Now add salt, stir well and gradually pour in lukewarm water.
4. For an hour, simmer the contents over low heat.
5. Pass through a muslin cloth, check the seasoning and serve in bowls garnished with a few reserved diced grilled peppers and lamb.

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