Japanese Curry Arancini Recipe With Barley Salsa

Japanese Curry Arancini Recipe With Barley Salsa

The best of Japanese cuisine that you can now easily make at home. Japanese curry is one of the most famous dishes in Japan. Here is a recipe for Arancini balls stuffed with cheese and garnished with delicious Japanese curry, wasabi mayonnaise and vegetables and barley salsa on the side. An exotic and unique recipe to prepare for a brunch with family and friends.

Ingredients of Japanese Arancini curry with barley salsa

  • 150 g of Japanese curry
  • 150 g sticky rice
  • 50 g of cheese in rice

To serve:

  • 50 g barley salsa

To garnish:

  • 20 g of wasabi mayonnaise

For the barley salsa:

  • 20 g red pepper cubes (cut)
  • 20 g of yellow capsicum cube (cut)
  • 20 g of green capsicum cube (cut)
  • 10 g green chilli, chopped
  • 35 g of barley
  • 20 g butter
  • 1 g of white pepper
  • 5 ml light soybeans
  • salt

How to make a Japanese curry arancini with barley salsa

1. In a wok, add the Japanese curry, the sticky rice and mix. Let cool.
2. Take a new wok, add the butter, all the peppers. Sauté the vegetables, add the seasoning and barley.
3. Now when the curry and rice mixture cool downs, make small round balls stuffed with cheese.
4. Dip it in a cornmeal porridge and crumble it with breadcrumbs. Fry until crispy golden.
5. Place the barley vegetables on the bottom and place the Arancini balls on top. Add a little curry with wasabi mayonnaise and garnish with microgreens.
6. Serve.

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