Healthiest Chapatis To Help You Lose Weight Faster


Here is how you can make your chapatis high in fibre and low in calories, making it a good food for weight loss. By making little changes you can turn your regular whole wheat roti into a high-fibre, healthier food that will help you lose weight.

Different Flours

  1. Ragi is one of the healthiest and traditionally preferred grains and all so for rightful reasons. Ragi is a preferred option for many weight watchers because it can help suppress appetite and make you feel fuller for longer. Thus, having ragi in any meal is a nutritious choice. Ragi rotis are also easily digestible by the body.
  2. Almonds weigh low on carbohydrates, supplement protein into your diet and contain healthy fats. So almond flour is very useful to make chapatis.
  3. Looking for a gluten-free, fibre-rich chapati, start having bajra rotis in your diet and skip regular wheat rotis.
  4. Jowar contains the goodness of trace minerals and vitamins which facilitate toxin removal from the body and actively fight free radicals!
  5. Oat-flour rotis are the way to go! A trendy dietary hack, oats is an excellent weight-loss promoting food and for rightful reasons.

To reduce the calorie and fat content of chapatis, make sure you eat them plain – without butter or ghee. Prefer to eat a roti, rather a paratha which is cooked in oil. Use of multigrain flour, or whole grain flour like Ragi or Nachni can help reduce the calorie content of the chapatis. Always remember that portion control is key for weight loss.


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