Gucchi Mussallam Recipe

Gucchi Mussallam Recipe

A delicious appetizer with morels for your next party! Gucchi Mussallam is a mushroom snack with a delicious cheese, khoya and spice stuffing, topped with a spicy hot sauce made with cashew nuts, ginger, garlic and saffron. Finished with fresh cream, this morel mushroom snack is a must!

Ingredients of Gucchi Mussallam

  • 100 g of morels
  • 80g khoya pindi
  • 40 g cheese
  • 1 g of saffron
  • 100 g cashew nuts
  • 200 g onion
  • 20 g of cardamom powder
  • 20 g garam masala
  • 50 ml of desi ghee
  • 100 ml of fresh cream
  • 20 g green chilli
  • 20 g of ginger
  • 20 g of garlic
  • to taste salt

How to make gucchi mussallam

1. Clean the morels properly under running water.
2. Make the stuffing with khoya, cheese, ginger, garlic and garam masala.
3. Stuff the morels evenly and set aside.
4. Take the ghee in a saucepan. Put the chopped onion, cashew, ginger, garlic and cook it until it turns golden brown.
5. Make a thin paste, bake properly. Add the saffron, salt and green masala.
6. Mix the stuffed morels in the above sauce and finish with fresh cream.

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