Bajri Nachni Thalipeeth

Gluten-loose Healthy nutritious flatbread from Indian Cuisine are Bajri Nachni Thalipeeth now no longer best nutritious however additionally flavor yumm smeared in Desi Ghee and matched with a highly spiced chutney and jaggery. You can...

Samosa pinwheels

Samosa pinwheels are less difficult to make than the authentic samosa, as I have additionally add onion or garlic to the filling, you also can if you like. For the filling 4 Large Potatoes 1/2 Cup...

Maggi masala noodles

Today we make instant masala maggi noodles with onions and bell peppers. To everyone who don’t add onion to maggi noodles try that and you will love this way, sweetness of onions with tangy flavors...

Kathal sabji / Jackfruit sabji

Kathal sabji / Jackfruit sabji may be very tasty if organized properly, this is completely tasty recipe of jackfruit sabji, that you are going to devour after licking your fingers. Ingredients  1 kg Jackfruit / Kathal ...

Crispy Baked Tofu

This crispy tofu is higher for a weeknight dinner. These Crispy tofu nuggets are baked now no longer fried. Serve with rice and steamed vegetables for vegan meal. Ingredients 1 small bundle tofu, drained, pressed, and...

Lachedar paratha : the most popular unleavened flatbreads in India

Yes, this is healthy. If you are fit, enjoy two parathas. Lachedar paratha is One of the most popular unleavened flatbreads in India for its versatility, parathas are flaky, chewy and denser than chapatis. It...

Avocado Puree: One of the world’s nice meals for toddlers

Do you already know avocados are one of the world's nice meals for toddlers? As it's miles wealthy in saturated fat, which toddlers want it for mind development. Hence its frequently called nature's best meals....

Ginger Syrup Improves Your Taste and Warmth

Create a ginger syrup that gives you a big taste and warmth for all of your selfmade cocktails! This recipe for ginger easy syrup calls for simply 10 mins of simmering at the stovetop. Ingredients 100g...

Kashmir pulao of saffron Lacha and Gucchi : antioxidant species which protect your heart

Lacha and Guchi are the varieties of the Saffron. Kashmir saffron is cultivated and harvested withinside the Karewa of Jammu and Kashmir. They are wealthy in potassium, nutrients, copper and nutrition D other than numerous...

Tomato Galette Will Care Of Your Heart

Tomato is wealthy in fiber, potassium, nutrition C and choline, That’s why it takes unique care of your heart. For excessive quantities of potassium we need to use it as a salad and pasta.A current...

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