Peanut butter healthy cream

Selfmade dessert with simply ingredients that may be made without any ice cream maker. Ingredients 3 large bananas, sliced and frozen at least 2 hours ⅓ cup peanut butter Pinch salt 2–2 tablespoons almond milk or...

Kashmir pulao of saffron Lacha and Gucchi : antioxidant species which protect your heart

Lacha and Guchi are the varieties of the Saffron. Kashmir saffron is cultivated and harvested withinside the Karewa of Jammu and Kashmir. They are wealthy in potassium, nutrients, copper and nutrition D other than numerous...

Tomato Galette Will Care Of Your Heart

Tomato is wealthy in fiber, potassium, nutrition C and choline, That’s why it takes unique care of your heart. For excessive quantities of potassium we need to use it as a salad and pasta.A current...

Sabudana Khichdi/Navratri Recipe

Sabudana is referred to as sago or tapioca pearls. It is crafted from starch from tapioca roots. For making khichdi pick out medium sized pearls of sago. Big Sabudana isn't always specific for making khichdi. Ingredients ...

Rajgira Aloo Puri for Navratri fasting days

Rajgira Aloo Puri tastes truely first-rate and therefore you could make this puri even throughout ordinary days. in place of simply rapid days. If you don’t need to feature Potatoes, you could make it simple...

Poori, Kaale chana and Halwa as Prasad

Everyone reminisces how the poori chana halwa tastes a lot higher at the day of Ashtmi aleven though. The anticipation of a very good meal and can be the season is proper for one of...

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