A Simple Tip For Creamier Scrambled Eggs

A Simple Tip For Creamier Scrambled Eggs

If I asked you, “When do you add salt to your scrambled eggs?” you may not even know the answer. Do you add it when you whip the eggs, when they’re in the pan, or when they’re on the plate and your bread is out of the toaster? It might be so instinctive that you can’t remember it. Or maybe it was so random that it depends on the day!
Whether you’re in your habit or living in the moment, salting early (i.e. as soon as you whisk the eggs together) can result in creamy scrambled eggs that are softer, fluffier, and evenly seasoned. .
As J.Kenji López-Alt explains in his book The Food Lab, salt prevents the proteins in egg yolks from binding too tightly when they are heated, resulting in a more moist and tender curd: “When the eggs cook and coagulate, “he writes,” the proteins in the yolks tighten more and more as they get warm. When they get too tight, they start to squeeze liquid out of the curd, resulting in eggs. who cry in the most embarrassing way. ” By minimizing the attraction between proteins, salt reduces this risk. For super soft but not watery eggs, López-Alt recommends salting early enough (as in, 15 minutes before you start cooking!) So that the crystals can dissolve in the mixture for optimum effect and most even distribution. .
Still skeptical, I made two casseroles of scrambled eggs side by side. In a bowl, I added salt 15 minutes in advance; at the other, I whipped the same amount just before starting to cook. While the eggs in both pans are good and creamy – medium-low heat, a good nonstick skillet, and lots of fat will do that for you – I could still taste the difference. The eggs that had been pre-salted were more eggs (thanks to the salt having time to dissolve and season the eggs completely) and more tender.
From now on, I’ll salt my eggs when I whisk them rather than randomly sprinkling Diamond Crystal on a hot pan. I’m not sure if I should wait 15 minutes (like in, I don’t), but five seems like the perfect time to brew coffee.

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